Update : All New Registration has been stopped.


You will find here three types of pricing : Silver, Gold and Platinum. For Silver account, you need to pay at least 50USD, for Gold 1000USD and for Platinum 2000USD.

For initial membership you need to add 50USD at least, once the credits finished you can add 20USD minimum.

Want a reseller account, you can reach to us by filling up the form with details. Once funds added in wholesale account, there will no refund provided on PayPal or bank account. If you don't have business of unlocking or various devices to unlock, don't add funds in wholesale account. Any refund will come, it will be automatically added to simlock.routerunlock.com. If you agree, then only add funds.

If you are a webmaster and want to sell the codes from your website, it is also possible to connect with our server. We provide wordpress plugin that will automate unlocking from your website itself.