IMEI Service

Samsung WorldWide All Country - NCK + MCK (Unfreeze) - Slow (Low Sucess Ratio)

Service Online Monday -Friday


No Cancel even if over due.


The Service Only Provides NCK & DEFREEZE CODE


if ur phone is locked to other levels including RGCK Please Use Samsung Worldwide All levels.




No refund if phone is not asking for unlock code with a sim from diferent carrier


Will be able to refund for that imei from phones that ask for unlock code when turning on with a different sim and for wich you provide a video proof like bellow:




youtube video showing the following




1.Factory reset the phone 


2.Turn on the phone with a sim from a different carrier 


3.When asks for unlock code to insert Defreeze code


4.Will not be accepted,but is normal,just insert Network code and will work (and normally should work)


5.Type *#06# to show  imei

1-7 days

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