IMEI Service

Samsung Canada - NCK Only

There are two submissions daily on average. Have your imei ready before 8 a.m for first submission and before 8 p.m for next submission.




Freeze codes / Sp codes are not provided. Do Not use this service if your phone requires a SP code. (we cannot provide those)










These Codes come straight from manufacturer so there is no chance of error.  Only possible reasons for codes not being accepted are the following:


      • Have to use realease method 




      • Phone has been rooted (Un root it and restore original firmware)




    • Software has been changed from original version (for e.g Rogers S3 has been upgraded with a bell S3 software... To fix this you have to download the original Rogers S3 firmware back on to the phone.. this is a tried and tested solution)



  • Phone has been refurbished and the imei has been possibly changed (no solution for this and its a very rare problem)

1-3 days

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