IMEI Service

Sony Xperia & Sony Ericsson - Argentina

Only Sony Xperia and Sony Ericsson from Argentina are available in this Database.

Supplier collect all IMEI Monday Evening around 11pm (GMT+1) and deliver the code Tuesday/Wednesday of the same week !

All Levels can come back :
NLCK4, NSLCK4, SPLCK4U, CLCK4, PCK4, ESLCK4, NLCK4U, NSLCK4U, SPLCK4U, CLCK4U, PCK4U, ESLCK4U (In this situation, please always use NLCK4U or NSLCK4U)

Make sure your Sony Xperia are actually ASKING for code and don't have "Device Unlock App" installed on the phone, specially if it's a Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile USA. If you order code for a Sony and claim the phone is not asking for code, we won't provide any refund, it's your responsibility to check before place your order !

1-4 days

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