IMEI Service

Alcatel Calculator (IMEI Only)

All Alcatel modems and router are supported in this service.

For all new Alcatel Modems and Routers, just select Y858v as model and place the order to get the correct code. It is tested and working fine with all new Alcatel modems and routers.


Still, if any code does not work, no refund will be provided, code will check manually and replaced. If agree then only place the order in this service.


Alcatel L100

Alcatel L100V

Alcatel L800

Alcatel M800v

Alcatel W800

Alcatel W800z

Alcatel X230

Alcatel X300

Alcatel X310

Alcatel X500

Alcatel X520

Alcatel Y580

Alcatel Y800

Alcatel Y800z

Alcatel Y855

Alcatel Y900

Alcatel Y900NB

Alcatel Y901

Alcatel MW40CJ

Alcatel MW40V

Alcatel MW40VD

Alcatel MW40

Alcatel MW41

1-5 Miniutes

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